Premium Team within Free Organization - possibilities


first of all: I already spent quite some time searching for this specific use case but couldn´t find topics that match it 100%. Yet I´m sure there are many of the same use cases out there - I probably just failed to find them - so my apologies if this has been answered already.

We are currently considering to use asana. First question would be: Is there a member limit for a free organization? All I can see is the member limit of 15 for free teams – but what about free organizations?

So I´ll just assume there is no member limit. Here is our use case:

I would like to create a premium team, let´s say with a 5 member plan. Let´s also say the entire organization would have 50 members. Of course the premium team can use premium features within their team and their teams´ projects. But what if the premium team creates a project and assigns a task to an organization member outside of the team? Does that assigned member increase the member limit of the premium team?

Another use case question:
What if a premium team member is invited to a project created by a free team. Can the premium team member use his premium features within this project?

So my plan would be to have this “premium user team” being able to use features in every project they are involved in (no matter if it is created by their team) and the other users being restricted to the free features.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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Here are some answers:

=> No limit on the total number of members. But an organization is made of teams, and one free team must have less than 15 members.

=> An image is better than a lot of words:
=> Teams belong to an organization

=> If the member is outside of the premium team then he will be considered as a “limited access” member, and shoud not count into the limit of 15. Am I right @Marie ?

=> No the premium features are only active in the project of the premium team.

=> You won’t be able to do exactly that, according to my previous answers. Premium features are only for projects belonging to the premium team.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Leif and @Julien_RENAUD

“But what if the premium team creates a project and assigns a task to an organization member outside of the team? Does that assigned member increase the member limit of the premium team?”

This depends on which domain this person uses:

  • If this user is a member of your Organization and shares your domain, they will be considered as Limited Access Member and will automatically count toward your premium plan
  • If the user is external to your Organization and uses a different domain they will be considered as Guest and won’t count toward your premium plan.

Hope this helps! :wink:


@Marie We have a Premium team of 15 persons. When all these 15 persons will have joined that team, what will happen if one of these persons invites a 16th member of my organisation? This 16th person will have what status? Limited acces member maybe? If yes will we have to pay for this supplementary person?
Ideally , we paid for 15 members, we should be able to lock that Premium team so that no one can join? This is the only point really confusing to me… after having solved all the other point with your help this week…
I realised today that some Premium members invited colleagues and that my 15 members “stock” has decreased. I do not want anyone to invite new members, I want to control who should be a Premium member and would should be a free member.

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@Patrick_EMIN As @Marie indicated there is no such thing as additional free members if they have your organizations domain address. Non-domain addresses are guest and they are free. I would suggest maybe you look closely at the 15 members you have used and see if any of them could be kept up to data with new reporting tools such as Asana2Go or @Bastien_Siebman 3 Dots. If you add any more domain members you will get charged.

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Hi @Marie I still don’t get this point. So I’ll take an example to be clear:

We have a Premium team of 15 members that we pay for. Let’s say one of these 15 people assigns a task to one of our domain member who is not in our Premium team. What will happen?
Will this extra person be part of the Premium team?
Will we be billed automaticaly for him/her? If yes, I guess we will be informed. Our plan would then switch from 15 persons to 16? But I do not see no such “16 persons” plan in Asana…

Yes @Patrick_EMIN , if someone using your domain is invited a project which belongs to your Premium Team, they will be considered as Limited Access Members and will count toward your Premium Team plan. You can learn more about Limited Access Members here: How to Create, Join, and Manage teams in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide.

Essentially anyone in your Premium Team using a domain associated with your Organization will count toward your Premium Team plan.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team who will be able to take a look into your account and provide you with a more precise answer! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marie!
I’m an Asana Certified Pro and a client that I’m working with has more than one workspace created by different teams. Is it possible to merge them so as to have only 1 org with multiple teams keeping all the data from both workspaces (projects, tasks, etc)? One has premium users and the other is a free plan, in the case of a merge all the users should be premium or can we select by team?
For example, can we create a project in a premium team and associate it with a task belonging to a free team with its own project? As if sales (free team) needs to communicate with marketing (premium team), can a task created by the sales team be in 2 projects at a time, one of the sales free team and another from the premium marketing team so that it appears on both teams without everyone being in the other’s team?
I hope I explained my point, but I can clarify if needed.
Thank you in advance

You might have a better luck contacting the sales team directly as they will be able to access your account and answer appropriately!

We have similar problem with our team. Only 5/30 members are using premium features.

So I came up with this solution:

First we remove the email domain and change organization to a workspace (which is at the same tier as organization). Than we can convert members to guest by removing them from workspace and assigning them tasks only or inviting them to projects. And as you said @Marie they wont count to our premium plan.

Of course they will only see what they need to see.

What do you think?