Premium team seats used


We are using a premium account and within our project 25 members have access to Asana. In the team settings and more specifically at the ‘billing’ tab, I noticed that only 2 of 20 Premium seats are used (please see attached screenshot).

Does this mean only 2 out of 25 members have access to premium? And if so, how can we make sure everybody has access to premium?

Thanks in advance!

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-27 om 09.18.50

Hi @Stephanie_Maljaars,

This means that you’re using 2 premium seats in your team. Premium Team plans automatically apply to the entire team, so all members of your team definitely have access to premium feature, but I suspect that most of them are Guests (which we do not charge for). You can learn about the Guest status and restrictions that comes with it in the following article from our Guide:

Hope this helps!