Free member in upgraded Team

we’re valuating if use Asana to our company.
I’ve 2 questions:

  1. If I upgrade a team, do member in this Team have premium feature in all team?
  2. is it possible to have a Team with 7 users and upgrade that Team for just 5 members? In other words, is it possible for a member of organization (NOT a guest!) have a free account in a premium Team (without premium features of course).


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Hi @Alessandro_Fiorito

We just did this. I convinced my client to start using Asana. They found out that secretly, 20+ people in the company already were on the free account. They purchased a 10 license account and upgraded select people and added a few.

So they have a mix if premium and free. We are reviewing to see if this should roll out to the larger 200+ company.