Premium Plan, Members, Seats

I’m not sure why this has to be so confusing. I love Asana, but I’m tired of platforms that aren’t straightforward and waste my time researching for an answer while making it impossible to ask a customer service member who never gets back to you.

My boss is paying for the premium plan, but we keep getting emails saying we are over our limit of seats. We literally have 4 members and 2 limited access members. I don’t understand the different ways of adding people and making sure there are enough “seats”, etc. There’s only one member who is a guest and doesn’t have the same email as our organization. I would really love some clarity on this and a straightforward answer. We received an email saying this, " > To ensure everyone can continue to collaborate in Asana, your plan will automatically update on or after Mar 1, 2021 to reflect the correct number of seats you’re using. After Mar 1, 2021, you will get an updated billing statement that reflects your new plan." If she’s already paying for premium, why are we going to be paying more?
I’m the assistant for my company and have soooo much work to do. Asana is supposed to be helpful, not discouraging.

Hi @Aimee_Combs, thanks for reaching out and sorry for any confusion! I’m happy to help you clarify this!

From your message it looks like you currently have a Workspace and not an Organization. For context, an Organization is associated with a company domain but a Workspace is not associated to a company domain.

Every user that you add to the projects in your Workspace will count towards the number of seats in your Premium Plan. If you have a Premium Plan for 2 Members and you have 2 members with full access and 2 limited access members, for this reason, you are receiving the message that your Workspace is over the limit. You actually have 4 members because limited access members count as one seat in the plan for your Workspace.

In a Organization you can have Guests (who are users that don’t share your company domain) and they don’t count towards the number of seats in your paid plan.

If you have a company domain, you can convert your Workspace following these steps.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for the response! After your explanation I think I know what happened. I was part of a different team I working for someone else and when got this new job I proposed Asana as a solution to keeping track of things and I excitedly made a “workspace” for my new boss and invited her. She then took to it, paid for the premium account and started adding people. If we convert to an organization will it separate out from the other work spaces? I actually don’t work for the other company any more and don’t want to be associated with the other ones listed on my profile. So if she creates an organization from our workspace, will it convert everything over including the current team members into our own space? Please verify so I can help her make the change. Thanks again