how do seats work?

Hi, I just upgraded to Asana premium with 2 seats.

I have 3 other members that just occasionally look at the projects and don’t contribute a lot, so I don’t want them to be counted as a member/seat.

I’d like them to have the free plan features or to not count toward my seat limit.

How do I do that?

@Joel_Racine, I think you’ll find my recent answer to a similar question helpful:


Hey there, thanks for the reply.

I still don’t get how I can prevent users to not count toward the seat limit.

As it stands I have myself using Asana full on, and 3 people just viewing project once in a while. They are not really active so they don’t need premium features at all.

How would I convert those 3 people to NOT count toward the seat limit?

Have them each instead use a login with an email address that does not use your Organization’s domain. And remove/deprovision the domain email addresses from Asana that they’re using now.

If you do want to do that, there would be a series of steps to follow to handle the transition but someone else may have to provide that because I won’t be able to test and can’t be sure reciting it from memory would be completely accurate.



Thanks again for the reply.

I actually no not use an organization domain email. We all have Gmail addresses in a single workspace.

I’m the only one using Asana as a premium users, everyone else barely logs in and look at tasks, so very basic users that should not occupy a seat.

I didn’t realize you were in a Workspace which is different; businesses usually use Organizations.

As a Workspace you have Members and Limited Access Members and both occupy seats; I don’t believe there’s a way round that. While you feel that those light users shouldn’t occupy a seat, that’s not how Asana pricing works.

More info:


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If you want to move to an org, it is really easy to get yourself a domain name and a couple of emails :+1: