assign only certain employees to a premium license

Hi, I want to set up a premium subscription for my organization and at the beginning only have 4 “seats” (premium licenses) for management to see how we get on.
But when I started creating the organization, I discovered that 2 employees in our company already have free Asana accounts (they popped up because we have the same domain). I don’t want these 2 employees to take up 2 of the 4 paid licenses.
How can i control which employees get the premium license?

@ענת_דגן Welcome to the community. The licence can be applied to either all the accounts with the same domain or only on team level ( I do not recommend the last option). If you want to test things out, I would suggest adding the other members as guest (using another domain). This will not count toward your paid seats. This guest accounts have some limitations.

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Thanks for your answer Paul!
These 2 users already exist in Asana with free accounts. Apparently they started using Asana a long time ago. They created a team for the 2 of them. I cannot ask them to change their email addresses on their accounts.

Therefore How do I apply the paid license for a specific team and not the entire organization for now?

Have you already upgraded your organization or are you still on the free account?
If you are still on the free account you can just upgrade one team to premium or business. If you are already upgraded, you can talk to support and ask them to downgrade all your teams but one. Then after you tested Asana you can then upgrade the organisation again via support. hope this helps.

I will do that. thanks!
By the way - how to I contact support for this purpose? is there a live chat option?
I am new to Asana and could not find how to get in touch besides raising a ticket and waiting for an answer by mail.

Hi @ענת_דגן, you can contact our support team following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉. :slight_smile: I’m afraid we currently don’t offer chat support!