Business and Premium users in the same organization

Hi! I have a specific doubt that I couldn’t find in previous topics. Let’s say I set up an organization ( and I pay for Business accounts (about 15 people for example). Ok, that’s easy. But some time later I want 50 more users ( to extend the use of Asana to the rest of organization, but I only need Premium with them… not Business. Notice that all users share same corporate domain (I understand the role of external guests, but it’s not the case here).
Is this possible to manage? Would the main admin have the control over number of business users and number of premium users?


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You could have some teams Business and some teams Premium. That is called Divisions. You can ask the sales rep about it.

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@Marc_Bara_Iniesta you would have an admin for each division. If it is the same person in both divisions then I believe they will need a paid seat in both.

Please be aware that work can’t be shared across divisions. Similarly, users won’t be able to interact across divisions without taking up a license seat in the division they don’t predominantly belong to. The exception is if users are working on something that is part of a Team that isn’t assigned to either division. Of course, this Team would only have access to the free features.

Hope that helps, but yes, Sale could get you setup and address the uniqueness of your particular configuration!

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@Jerod_Hillard thanks so much for the detailed answer. Would you mind drafting a question and answer to add on Understanding the Asana pricing ? I would quote you as the author! :hugs:

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Thanks Bastien!!

I’ll investigate that, thanks!

Would this work with a Business account and a Basic account? I’m trying to move my whole GTD system to Asana and it would be helpful to have my company (soon to be Business account with 11 users) and my family (ideally a Basic account with my wife and kids) all in the same view.

Would this work? Is it bad parenting to PM your children? :sweat_smile:

@Alex_Herder technically speaking, you could have your family brought into your business license (for work) as Guests assuming they each use a personal email domain that differs from your company one. This would bring them into the same view since that is important to you.


That’s a great idea! I haven’t done anything with guest users but based on some initial research it looks like it would do the job. Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me on this!