Different plans for Asana users within the same organization

Tried searching for this one, but couldn’t find an answer specific to my issue.

We have about 78 Asana users across multiple teams in our organization. Some are heavy and some are lite users so I would like to provide access to certain plans to some users (i.e. Premium and Business).

My issue is that I cannot figure out how to set up our account in such a way where some users are Premium and some are Business. Would I need to create separate workspaces for this?

Thank you!

Isn’t it what a Division is made for @Marie? In this case, you’ll have to talk to the sales team I believe.


Hi @Kendra_Roy,
I’m also interested to learn about this, as we do have a 150 users, where about 30-50 users would benefit of being Business, but can’t afford it for the 150 users.
I’m trilled to get @Marie insight on this topic.

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We had the same issue. Our solution was to use a different ‘alias’ through Google for the non-premium members. Of course that runs you smack dab into the problem of Asana not accepting emails from Aliases in GMail… a whole different issue we have yet to resolve. So for right now with the exception of not being able to reply to the email from Asana it is working for us.

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Hi everybody! Thank you for reaching out!

Let me do a quick recap of the possibilities of different plans within an Organization.

A Division Plan allows you to upgrade multiple Teams under the same plan providing either Premium, Business or Enterprise functionalities only on those specific Team members.

Within an Organization, you can have multiple Divisions, each one with a different Plan. However, one Team cannot be part of more than one Division.

To learn what would work best specifically for your Organization, I would recommend to reach out to our Sales Team following this link: Contact our Sales Team • Asana.

Have a great day!


So it means within the same Org you can have several teams Premium, several teams Business, several teams Enterprise and several Free, correct?

That’s correct, @Bastien_Siebman! :smiley: