How can others at our company have their own asana? (same email domain)

We have multiple departments in our organisation. We have our Marketing and Comms department on the Premium Asana, but others within the organisation who go and create their own Asana accounts for their departments end up as users for our premium.

How do we avoid this?

@Julien_RENAUD I am pretty sure you have the answer for this! I’d like to update my post Understanding the Asana pricing !

@Dylan_Urquhart and @Bastien_Siebman,

Perhaps these posts, and particularly the links within them, provide some relevant info re Divisions, hidden Teams, etc.:


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Hi @Dylan_Urquhart,

If multiple departments in your Company are using Asana, and you want to keep your Premium plan exclusively for your team, I would recommend to move your premium plan from the Org level to your team level, this way you will only be charged for your team members. If other department in your Org want their own premium plan, they can subscribe their own Premium Team plan. It is completely ok to have Premium Teams with their own independant plan in one Organisation, in fact it is a common practice in large companies.

If your team “Marketing and Comms” uses 2 teams in Asana (one for Marketing, the other for Comms), you can request a division which will allow you to share one premium plan between two teams!

In all cases, I would highly recommend you reach out to our sales team who can take a look at your specific situation and advise you with the best option for you and your team!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Marie,

This is really helpful.

How do I create or request a division and create separate organisations?

You’re very welcome @Dylan_Urquhart! Our support team can set this up for you, you can reach out to them following these steps: :slight_smile: