Determining Asana premium or not

Hi I’m trying to determine if it is worth setting up with the premium version or not.

I have one other friend that is working on her business. I didn’t know if there was a way to share the premium version together. Plus keep each other accountable. It appears we would have to share under the same organization.

Is there a way to have 2 organizations and share the premium benefits. This way we could help each other & split the costs. It’s kind of crazy to pay $38 for only one user.

Could someone please explain this?

Hi @Ethan_Schneider
I don’t think you can share Premium features with 2 different organizations, @Bastien_Siebman you confirm ?
But if you create a single organization for both of you, then you can create separated teams. You will have access only to your team, and to the projects within your team. That could be a solution, but you need to have one bill and one domain.


Hi Julien,

Ok great idea. I created two groups like you recommended for me and my friend to share. I think this will work.

I was wondering how you would recommend going about separating professional life tasks from personal life. We could split the bill some how.

I wasn’t sure if I should have a workspace for personal life activities or create a new team for personal life. Or keep everything within one team but different projects. Trying to keep it simple.

Welcome to Asana!
I would actually suggest while you are sharing a asana Premium already, Just create a team for yourself and then use that for personal. The benefit is you have then only one “my Tasks” to look at. I work with many orgs and have to manage many “my tasks” and it’s a bit frustrating.


Thank you!

I see what you’re saying having only one main systems that flows all tasks into one “my task”. I will see what kind of team I can create. Seems like this one team will have a ton of projects tied into it.

Trying to start slow and see what works. I noticed that if I create a “workspace” all the premium benefits disappear for some reason. Soo I guess it makes even more sense to keep it all under one organization too.

@Ethan_Schneider, Multiple private teams for you in the one organization would be the best way to go, I think.



Nope you would have to be both part of the same organization, and pay for 5 seats…

Hi everyone and thanks to all Certified Pros and Forum Champions for you contributions! :grinning:

As they all recommended, creating separated Teams within the Organization for Personal life Projects and Professional Life Projects would be a great way to organize yourself.

You can read more about Teams, in this handy article:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions! Have everyone a great Friday!

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Hello Ethan_Schneider,
I faced the same question and created a separate team “Personal” with Privacy setting “Membership by request”; and membership approval “Only selected members are notified to approve new members”. Then I went on creating a project called “Personal”, with setting “private to only me”. As such it is only accessible by myself. If you want, you can of course share it with family by inviting them onto this project. For me, this nicely separates Work- and Personal stuff.

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