Split an Asana 2 seat Premium plan with another freelancer?

Anyone else tried this? Seems like lots of people want a solo/1 seat plan but the company just doesn’t want to do it for whatever reason.

But a friend and I both like the software so we were thinking of trying this before we go shopping for different PM software.

Not an option if you have a 16 person company and have to deal with the 5 seat increment pricing, but for freelance and solopreneur types this seems like it could work, especially if you work together on projects a lot anyway.

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Hi @Emilio_Guarino. Welcome to the community!
I think this is a great way to use the upgraded features. I suggest you upgrade the two seats and then just use the different teams for you different organisations. on this level you can specify the different permissions. Remember to also link the different domains you want to connect to the organization.

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I have been playing with this is idea for a while, to create a community of people sharing one single organization. That would make sense I create such a thing as an Asana Solution Partner.

So far, we’ve identified the following:

  • the admin can have access to private teams and private project names
  • all teams will have to be private
  • custom fields in the library will be seen by everyone
  • member autocomplete will autocomplete with every guests and members from every organizations

Apart from that, that is feasible.

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