Need 2 premium members and only one Business tier member. Is this possible?

I’ve been using Asana with our team for the past 6 months or so and have enjoyed it, but this could be a deal-breaker. I would like the other two members to stay at the Premium level but upgrade my login to Business level so I can manage company goals in Asana. When I look at the FAQs, I see this:

## Can I upgrade to Asana Premium, Business, or Enterprise for just 1 user?
We do not offer Asana subscriptions for 1-user plans…”

So, first question: We have three paid seats, not just one, so can I only upgrade my own login to Business?

Second question, related: One of my users has a different email domain. Is that going to be a problem.

I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure this out, but I can’t get a clear answer yet. Can anyone explain this in the most simple terms possible. And if it’s not simple, point me to an Asana glossary that clearly lays out the definitions of terms like “division,” “team,” “organization,” etc…

I really want this to work!

Welcome, @Jason_Barmer,

The short answer, based on what you’ve written:

Upgrade to a two-seat Business plan.

Your user with a different email domain will be free and will be a “Guest,” whereas the other two of you will be “Members.” A Guest can do all common things, but not create new custom fields, create new teams, etc., but can set the value of custom fields; it’s usually not an impediment.

A Division (What I learned about divisions 😅) won’t work for you because it will create silos and the three of you won’t be able to collaborate easily as you’d expect.

More information is at How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide if you look up Organizations, Members, Guests, Divisions, etc.

Each of the things you ask about is not simple and beyond a full explanation here, but based on what you said, I’ve made the simple recommendation that I believe holds in your case.

For the full answer, contact




Thank you for your reply! It sounds like I need to contact sales and just get it sorted out with them. I just added the third seat yesterday and emailed support asking for the domain to be made a part of our org, but I haven’t heard back on that yet. Now I’m thinking that would be a mistake if the people with that other domain would be guests. I just need to know that the guests can add projects and tasks in their team in Asana.

Thanks again!

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Great that you’ll work with Sales on this.

Three Business seats (and merging the domain in) is a fine option too; more flexible but more expensive than what I proposed.

Yes, Guests can add new Projects (to existing Teams you’ve given them access to) and can add Tasks to Projects they have access to.


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