Confused as to which Premium Tier I need

Having a difficult time getting a response from the Sales Team via email, been nearly 2 weeks waiting on a response.

Here is some info:

  • I have multiple workspaces

  • The basic tier is fine for most all of them

  • My question is in regards to ONE specific Workspace

  • This Workspace has me (the owner of the workspace) and 2 others that have access to everything

  • We need to add ONE person to this ONE Workspace where this person can only see one or two Specific Projects

With this info, what does this mean for the packages, I am incredibly confused by the “per user” pricing.

  • Does this mean that in order for me to have One User in One Workspace to only see specific projects that I need to now purchase a plan that charges me for every single user in this workspace and all others??

What is the best (and most cost effective way) to accomplish this

Welcome, @Hundo_Email_Acct,

Since you asked specifically about workspaces, answering regarding those:

I believe you’d need to upgrade the one workspace to Premium for four seats, three of you will be members and one a limited access member. If you add more of either kind, you’d have to pay for each one (after 5 users, you have to add in batches of 5, then larger batches after you grow bigger).

Another options is to make an organization instead of a workspace. You can read about this in How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. The org requires a login email domain with, say. Orgs allow guests who are free. Guests use a login at any domain other than This could save you money if acceptable to you.

Hope that helps,