Clarification on users


I’d just like some clarification to make sure I understand how Asana user pricing and permissions work.

We have a premium account - 5 users - although my team has 3 people and 2 contractors. So that’s 3 people at mydomain com and 2 at other domains.

We manage projects on behalf of our clients.

So I plan on working like this:

For each client, create a team. Invite my people plus all the relevant client staff to that team (so X users all at client com)

Then within that team, create multiple projects. My company plus this particular client will then be able to see these projects as they are in the same team. But the client won’t be able to see my other client’s projects as they will be in different teams.

Within an individual project the client may want to invite some of their clients to participate. So a few people at at someotherdain com

As these are added to the project they will only be able to see that and nothing else - correct?

And finally, all of this fits under my 5 user licence as only 3 of my staff are at mydomain com - is that correct?

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Hi @Rahoul_Baruah,

Yes, everything you propose is correct, with one important caveat: you must set yourself up as an organization, not a workspace. Organizations can have guests who are not charged for. Workspaces instead have limited access members who are charged for, which you obviously don’t want.

Some info on organizations vs. workspaces:

Here’s some specific information on guests:


Thank you