Using Asana as a freelancer

Hello. I have just started using Asana. I work as a Virtual Assistant with several clients and wondering the best way to use Asana effectively with my clients. Do I create a Team for each client and add projects under each Team or do I create a Workspace? I assume the clients can only see stuff within the Team (or Workspace?) I’ve set up for each client and they can’t see any other info.

If there is a more sensible way to arrange clients, please feel free to let me know.


@Sarah_Pluves - welcome to the community! Glad you’re here and using Asana.

@Marty_Potter has been thinking about a similar topic lately and may have something helpful to share. :slight_smile: @James_Carl and @Todd_Cavanaugh will likely have thoughts, tool. I’ll chime in on the conversation in a bit!

Hi @Sarah_Pluves! (and thanks for the introduction, @Alexis).

If I were you, I would create a team for each client. This makes permissions very simple as you can invite your clients into each team rather than needing to add them to every project. Then you can set up as many projects as necessary for each client.


I tend to agree with @Todd_Cavanaugh says.

It sounds like you have already created an Organisation. I think it is worth using this as it would make adding customers as guests a bit easier, and by default your guest clients would be mostly isolated from each other.

If you don’t have a domain, you could still achieve the same effect by creating a Workspace per customer, for example. It might start to get unwieldy as your customer base grows, but could work very practically for a small freelancer.

A disadvantage of workspaces is that you probably couldn’t create a task and copy to all your clients, for example monthly maintenance tasks that you’d do with all your customers. You probably can’t do searches and views across all your customers. There are 3rd party integrations you could use to overcome these problems.

An advantage is that each customer is totally isolated, and this might be mentally how you prefer to work (everything for one customer in one box, no distractions).

My discussion Should I use Workspaces or Organisation? - Tips and Tricks - Asana Community Forum might help

I’d suggest setting up 2 or 3 test emails and Asana logins, and use them to play with how Asana operates. You might find a function that works better one way and not the other for you and help you to decide by trial and error. As you are just starting up, switching styles wouldn’t bee too difficult.

Good luck @Sarah_Pluves

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@Sarah_Pluves I agree with @Todd_Cavanaugh as separate workspaces will slow your navigation with no particular benefit and advanced searches do not span multiple workspaces.

Agreed! And as always for reference: How to Create, Join, and Manage teams in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Thank you (and sorry for the delay in replying). I shall take a look at this today and get organised.

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Oooh, I seemed to have somehow logged in as a different user even though I only have one account. No idea how I did that!

@Sarah_Pluves1 I’ll send you a private message, so we can get this sorted :slight_smile:

I’m new here and I’m checking different programs or tools for my online assistant to use. Asana looks promising and I’m looking forward in continuing to learn this tool and its features. Thank you!

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