working with clients and closing which type of account is right!

Hello, I am new to using Asana so apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I’m not 100% up to speed with the lingo!

So - I have set up my new Asana (not sure if I have done this in the best way) as a business and have set up various teams. I work with numerous clients and I needed a place to create tasks for each one so I can keep on top of client work (in the first instance tasks for me to complete only but with a view to inviting clients to collaborate further down the line).

However, an existing client already has her Asana set up and has invited me (in another Asana account I set up as an individual rather than an organisation - I have been trying Asana out to see what works best for me) to join HER team. So now I’m confused. Ideally I just want to log into one Asana account and see any teams I have created and also any teams I have been invited to so everything is in one place.

Can anyone help tell me how I should be setting this up - should I have the Asana with workplace OR teams? Can I have the team I have been invited to show in my teams (or do I just ask her to invite me to her team using my organisation email)…

I hope that makes some sense. Just want to make sure I get it all right whilst I’m still sort of setting stuff up. Any advice would be whether I would need an organisation account (with the teams) or whether I can achieve what I want with workspaces would also be appreciated.

Thank you!

Welcome, @Helen_Rawlinson,

Your best bet for your business is an Organization plan (ideally the Business Plan if you can afford it, or the Premium Plan if not). Note that any paid plan has a minimum of two seats. With an Org plan you’ll have teams which will be useful organizing your business and clients.

But for clients who themselves have Asana, they will have their own Organization (or Workspace; a simpler kind of env w/o Teams) and these are all siloed, so you would have a separate My Task and Asana Inbox for each org/workspace you’re a member of.

Thus , it’s easier for you if she joined your org (as a Guest) and easier for her if you joined her org/workspace as a Guest.

You can improve switching among these org/workspace silos by using the same login for all or, if needed, attach multiple email addresses in your Asana Profile.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for taking the time to answer Larry, I appreciate it.

I have been using Asana as an organisation on the free trial which is now coming to an end. I have been managing to make it work for my needs (I ended up joining my client’s asana to work with her but I have my own asana with multiple teams (each one a different client) which is working well. I have invited some clients to collaborate in their specific team as a project member and this also seems to be working.

As I now approach the end of the free trial could I continue to work as I have been on the free basic plan? I understand if I move to a premium or business plan I would have to pay for a min of 2 ‘seats’ (although I’m not sure who or what the seats are). I’m not doing anything complicated - essentially I have a bunch of clients who are set up as teams and within each team I manage my to-do list for each client.

I don’t think I need any extra functionality than I have now in the trial. Can you advise? It’s just me as a business - I have no employees etc and I don’t want to have to pay for an extra ‘seat’ if I don’t need it. Any help or advice would be amazing and I’d be grateful.

Thank you,


A “seat” in a paid Organization means a user with an Asana login using an email with a domain name matching the organization’s domain. With that login you’re a Member of the paid org and can use the full features of a member.

You can stick with your free (Asana Basic) org plan and not worry about the above. I don’t know if you have a Premium Trial or Business Trial but you will lose all those features. You can do basic work without them, assuming you didn’t start to rely on them yet while you have/had access. An example is Custom Fields. To see the full list, compare the plans at Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana I like to scroll half way down and click “Compare all features.”

Hope that helps,