Should I use an organization or workspace(s)



I have a question about using an Organization vs Workspace(s).

I have a full-time job, a couple of side projects, and personal tasks/projects to manage. I’ve used Asana intermittently for a few years, but I want to commit to mastering it now.

If I want to manage all of the above areas, would it be better to create an Organizatiion, then use Teams for each area (job, freelance projects, personal). Or, should I use Workspaces?

I currently have 3 Workspaces setup - 1 for each area. However, I have to check each area daily to make sure everything is on track. My thinking is that if I used an Organization with Teams, I could have all of my stuff in one place so it would be easier to track.

I’ve tried using multiple Workspaces & using 1 Workspace with a different project for each area. This can get a bit messy because each area has its own projects.

Thanks for any help or advice!


I default to suggesting Organizations as their is more hierarchy with Teams. In addition, if you have a premium subscription, non-domain emails do not take up a member seat. Not sure why anybody would use a Workspace other than a personal version of Asana (which I have) in addition to my paid organization.


I agree with @James_Carl. Workspaces have occasionally been useful when working with outside contractors, but an organisation with teams is much more flexible and easier to manage.


Thanks for the input!

Can you still work with people with outside email addresses in Organizations?

Also, can I use my other email addresses to Email to Task in Organizations?


Yes you can use other people in Organizations, they will be guests. There should be know difference between email capabilities between Organizations and Workspaces. Do you have a company domain email versus a personal. Generally you need a company domain unless you ask support to change a workspace to an organization.


Yes, I have 2 domains for my side business projects so I should be able to use either to setup an organization.

I’ve tried putting everything in 1 workspace & setting up projects for work, personal, & 2 side projects. The problem with this is that things get cluttered rather quickly. The advantage is that everything pulls to My Tasks & Inbox.

I’ve also tried having a separate workspace for each thing - work, personal, 2 side projects. The obvious problem with this setup is that there is no unified view to see everything. The advantage is less clutter and improved tracking.

It sounds like I could do what I need with an organization by setting teams for work, personal, and side businesses. This way, I could still use true projects within each team area.

I really appreciate your help!