Can guests have their own Asana teams and projects?

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I am a new Asana user trialing a Premium plan. We would like to use Asana with colleagues outside our organization. I understand with Premium we have unlimited guest passes, so I would like to invite our outside colleagues to join specific projects as guests. My question is: can these outside colleagues also use Asana for their own teams and projects? For example, they are working on many projects that do not involve our organization and would like to use Asana to track that work. I assume they could sign up for the free or premium version of Asana, but does that change their guest status on our account? Basically I am trying to understand how two organizations who both have Asana can interface. w/ each other

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Hello and welcome, @Stacy_Cibula,

You’re correct about everything you asked about!

  • Yes, outside colleagues can use Asana for their own teams and projects in your org, but you (or another Member) would have to create any teams they need and add the Guest as team member, but then they could remove you and make that team private to them w/o you. They can create their own projects in that team.
  • The above would give them your org’s premium features, but (as shown below and elsewhere in the Asana Guide) there are some things Guests can’t do (like the aforementioned creating teams). Another big one is creating/editing Custom Fields (they can set values of Custom Fields, just not create/edit/delete them; you’d have to do that for them.
  • If they sign up themselves, that doesn’t change their Guest status (no seat count) in your org
  • Just be aware that if they’re working independently from you, yet using your org, that’s a little like them using your storage locker instead of their own. If there’s some connection, then this makes sense being in the same org: In each of your My Tasks and Asana Inbox, you’ll see activity from the entire org (all teams/projects). If you were to be in separate orgs, then they would have one pair of My Tasks/Inbox for teams/projects in your org, and another for teams/projects in their org.

Some info from Asana Guide, and see more on Organizations/Workspaces as needed:

Hope that helps,