Guest can add boards to my team?

I have a team, which has as members only myself and my boss. There are a number of projecsts within that team, each of which has been set up for collaboration with a different (external) person. Each project has as members me, my boss, and the externally invited person.

One of those externally invited persons has just created a new project for herself, and it appears in the list of projects under our team.

Should an external guest (who has had one project shared with them) be able to create new projects within my organisation’s team??

I believe the reason is as follows: a guest can’t create a team, so if you want a guest to be able to create projects (which Asana would) and because a project has to have a team, then no choice; they should be able to create projects under existing teams even if they are not a member of it.

Why does it bother you? (no judging, just trying to understand)

Did you know that guests can also invite other guests? :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman I’m tracking this topic because the ability of a guest to create a project or even invite other guests does bother me. I would like to have control over what a guest can do.

I can imagine that there are situations where Asana users would find this useful, personally I want to have controle over who I share the data in the project with. When a guest can invite others I de facto lose that control.

The same goes for adding projects. I would like to manage the number of projects in a team and the purpose of them. So again, when a guest can do it, I do not have that possibility.

Understood, makes sense. I am not aware of anything being done or discussed about guests, but as a Partner we have little info about the roadmap.

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