invite a new guest to only one task, not a project

Can I invite a guest to join and only see a specific task (or 2) within a project instead of the entire project?


Great! How do I do that? Every instruction I find says “share the project” with the guest account. How do I only grant them access to specific tasks?

I’m trying to set it up for others to be able to invite the guest. However, I’m wondering… as an Admin, do I have to invite them, and then people can add them as collaborators on a task?

Two issues I see with that:

  • How do they navigate to their tasks? Can they see the project listed on the left but only see the tickets they’re a collaborator on? Or do they have to keep up with the direct link in the Inbox notification list?

  • As an Admin, when I invite someone, I have to add them to a Team, which I was hoping to avoid. Is there a way to do this without adding them to any Team?

without adding them to the Team or Project, simply add them as the assignee or collaborator to a task. If not in Asana already, you will be prompted for email.

You should try this with an external email that you have to see the results.

If only invited to a task, they see only that task.

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Hi @Heather_Beaudoin, check out this Guide resource on Guest permissions: Working with Guests in an Organization • Asana

It shows what exactly a Guest has access to depending on where you add them in Asana.

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