Team / Task Guests and Proofing

I might be missing something obvious here, but I was under the impression that if a guest was added to a project or task, then they would have the same functionality that you do as a business team member for that project or task.

We are a business team of 15 (not an enterprise), and I need to add a guest to a task to view the feedback that we have added to images via the proofing tool. I can add the guest to the task via the “assign” box in a task, the guest can see the subtasks that the proofing tool generates, but they can’t view them on the image directly. It pops up a message telling them they need to be a business user.

I then thought to add them to a new project I created just for them so I could copy over the task to there and see if it was just a problem with sharing just a task. But then I found that I could not add a guest to a project at all. It gave them a warning that they needed a company email.

Are guests, in fact, not available to add to a project or task in a business team with proper functionality? This is an essential part our workflow for our new asana team.


Hi @John_S and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry for the confusion here. I can confirm that you can invite a guest to a task, a project or even a team within your Organization. Please have a look a the following Guide article to learn more about it:

Regarding the proofing feature, guests should be able to view the subtask assigned to them as well as the orange dot on the attached document where annotations have been made.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the message they receive when trying to access to the image? That would be super helpful to understand what might be the issue.

Looking forward to your reply @John_S!

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for the reply. Yes that’s how I thought the guest permissions should work.

So if I add someone to the whole project by inputing their email in the “share” button (not via the generated link on the other tab), as long as they follow the link from the email it seems to allow them to view things properly with the on-image proofing working.

If I add them just to a task however, it sends them the email and they can then see the task contents when following the link, but when they click on the “add feedback” toggle button when viewing a jpeg, it shows this:

I am adding them to the task via the “assignee” box within the task. Is this the correct way of assigning someone to a task?

Also, the guest can link to the assigned task or project from the original email link, but nothing shows up in the guest’s asana side panel or inbox so if they get rid of the email, the project/task essentially disappears for them and there is no sign on their asana that they are part of a project or task somewhere.

I have been testing this with actual freelancers working from their own offices, but I’ve also been testing with a free test account with a different email from our company’s email, and loading the shared guest links onto a different browser (therefore acting as a guest). I have noticed it shows this up on the guest account when clicking on the avatar:

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 14.17.34

The top email is the guest email the account is with. The bottom is the company email suffix that shared the project / task with me. It only shows after you have opened the share link in the email. Does this represent two accounts you can switch between, or something to do with the company email that shared the project / task with you?


Hi @Natalia, do you have any resolution on this? We have some projects that we need to send out to freelancers and are currently stuck! Thanks!