guest access - task vs. project view

How do I share just a task or several tasks without sharing the entire project? I assigned a guest to 1 task in a test project, and they can see the entire project.


What you did was correct–assigning at the task level–and you can also add a person as a Collaborator for task-level access.

If they can see the project, it means that you either have them also as a project member (remove them), or you have the project shared with the team and either they are in the team or the team is public (remove them from the team and/or make the team private).



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Thanks Larry - so the project that I added the guest to is public to our company team, but the guest is not on that company team. If I remove them as a member at the project level, they lose access to the project altogether. So I’m still missing how they can view just their task within a project only.

It might not have been clear that I was assuming you’d have two projects and these tasks would be multi-homed into both projects.

One project would be your existing project, with no access for these task-only users.

The second project is where the user would have Commenter access and only contain the tasks to be shared.

Hi, @Chantelle_Drury

Just to confirm.
What is the plan for Asana in your organization?

I am an enterprise, and in my case, I can configure the handling of guests in the team through the admin console.
As an enterprise plan, there are settings in place that require the permission of the team administrator to assign tasks to guests as well as become a member of the team.

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