project visibility for guests

I’m trying to determine how to set up some external guests that we would like to add, but we don’t want them to see our entire universe of projects, just the ones that they are assigned to. Is that possible? How would I go about doing that?

Hi @Chantelle_Drury :wave:

Sure, Asana handles impressively well the use-cases with guests.

You can decide to invite guests at the level that makes the more sense for you : Teams, Projects or Tasks; and they will see only the level you share with them, and everything is below (see following visual).
For example, if you share a project, they will see only the project and its tasks; and if you share only a task, they won’t see the associated project.


In a project, when you click on “Share” (top right), you can access the project sharing panel.

More info on the Asana Guide : Guests FAQ

Let me know if you have more questions :wink:


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