Inviting clients as guests - can I keep some project tasks private??

I’m just starting out and the key draw to Asana over others was the ability to create private tasks and also have my clients invited to join the projects. This is because there are sometimes tasks which I don’t want them to see - eg. around financials / commissions but I DO still want to see these tasks in the overall plan and they may have dependencies in the wider project.

In context, I am a corporate event planner so want to invite my client to see the progress on venue etc. that I am making but also allocate them tasks when it comes to eg. sending logos / content and signing off branding or videos. I want them to see the wider project so they can see the huge added value I bring ‘behind the scenes’ but also get the accountability of their tasks and deadlines and how they impact the bigger picture.

For this, the Timeline view is absolutely invaluable so I’ve been able to learn how to manually add all relevant Sub-tasks to the projet so they also feature on the timeline.

As far as I can read, the only solutions would be
a) Remove guest client from the project and invite them to every individual tasks apart from the private ones - this would NOT allow them to view a project timeline / list? Plus would be VERY time consuming to add them to every task as it’s created - as I would want them to ‘collaborate’ on nearly every task even if they’re not responsible so they can see the project overview.

b) Remove the task from the project and perhaps put my own code / notes to which one. However, this then removes it from the bigger picture, couldn’t do dependencies etc.

Is this correct or is there another way to set up my projects / teams / hierarchy to get this to wokr how I want it to?

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Hi @Sarah_Threlfall , welcome to the forum :smiley:

Here is a great article by @Andrea_Mayer here:

and this one by @Rashad_Issa:

Hope these help!


Oh wow yes thanks - excellent resources thank you

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Welcome, @Sarah_Threlfall,

In addition to @Richard_Sather’s great reply and the others’ tips, here’s yet another one (from me) in case it’s also germane to (part of) your workflow: