Private (Hidden)Task

I’m setting up a project workflow for my design comapny and at the end I have some tasks that I would like to be reminded about.

  • Send final files to client (this is the last task I want the client to see
  • Project Wrap Up
  • send closing survey
  • Send thank you email (or physical card)
  • Send Client Referreal RequestEmail (with link to Google page)

I like the idea of the client being assigned to the project so that they can see exactly what has been completed and what still has to be done. However, I don’t think they need to see the last few tasks as those are strictly internal.

  1. Is there a way to make tasks in a project private just to myself, where the client can’t see the details or sub-tasks?
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This isn’t really possible.

If you add a client to a project, they’ll see all tasks in the project. The only alternative is to exclude them from the project (make it private) and manually add them as a collaborator to tasks you’d like them to see. Not really ideal, I know…


Hey @Chris_Simon; Michael from Asana here.

@paulminors is right on the money here. If you invite this individual to this Project they will have the right to view everything in that Project.

What I recommend instead, like Paul mentioned, is multi-selecting the Tasks in the Project, then bulk-add that user as a Collaborator. This is the best way to do so without having to open one Task at a time.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @paulminors and @Michael_A for the quick replies. I will definitely take this into consideration.

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One question: if the client is no longer a member of the project, then he will not see the parent project of the tasks even if you add him as a collaborator to the tasks. From his point of view he will get notifications that he is collaborator but no information on the project the task belongs to (no coloured buble for instance, no info on the origin of the task). Is this right?

Last week one colleague of me added me as a collaborator of a task in one of his private project, and it appeared like coming from nowhere in my inbox.

Then I am thinking about a second option.
You can keep the client as a member of the project so that you still have this project to easily collaborate with him (for instance he can still add tasks, project conversation available, …). He will have the project colored buble next to the notifications. And for the private tasks, they could be managed in a parallel project with one section per client (and of course the client is not a member and is not a collaborator).

@paulminors as you have much more experience with client management in Asana, what do you think?

Yes, that’s right.

Yes, as long as you don’t add the client to this project, this could be a good place to manage private client tasks. In a sense, this is your internal client admin project and I would recommend this approach.

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If this were me I’d approach it like this: Are the clients only at the project and not the team level? If so, I’d create a new “housekeeping” project and not add the clients to it for basic tasks that don’t interest them. If I’d named the first project “Client’s Project” then I’d name the new project “Clent’s Project Housekeeping” or some such and move the projects next to each other in the left most pane as well as give them the same color to kind of link them visually. I tend to work out of my “Inbox” so the fact that the tasks are in two projects wouldn’t affect me much.

You’d only need to remember which project a task goes into by thinking about the needs of your client.

Maybe test a bit too. I’m 99% sure if you don’t add clients to the team level, but only the project level, they won’t be able to see content in the projects they don’t have access to.