Using Portfolios to Manage Client Projects Where some are Private & others are Client Facing

Your are working on an extensive project that captures everything for a particular client.
Asana is your main project collaboration platform and you want to make sure that all conversations related to this project are captured within it, so you can keep track on action items.
In some instances, you need to give your client access to some key project tasks. You realise that Asana allows you to invite your client as a comment access only. This means, they still can view the entire project tasks.

What do you do if your project contains some tasks you wish to keep private only for the internal project team? :thinking:

Here is one way you can deal with this scenario using the Portfolio feature .
The image below illustrates the structure I am proposing and I will then share steps on how you proceed with such set up.

:purple_square: Use portfolios to manage your client base. If you are used to having one project per customer, then I recommend using one portfolio per customer. Why? because a portfolio can house all related projects to this customer
:purple_square: Your project that captures all project activities is your main project. This project is the one you give access to your client if you wish with comment only - this is a customer facing project.
:purple_square: Create another project and call it: Project Private Notes and keep it a private project to all those internally involved
:purple_square: Link both projects to the Customer Portfolio

:bulb:Because visuals help a lot, I suggest first to change the icons of these projects. For example your internal project is a settings wheel and in grey, while your client facing project is in green with a tick
:bulb:Choose a different layout for each project. Where possible align this with all your operational approach. If you present to you clients in a list view, then choose board view for your internal project… The idea is to create a norm that a certain default view means internal vs another being external

:purple_square: And finally, make sure you favourite :star: those client portfolios that are active, because this way, when you start your day :coffee: and sign into asana, your favourite portfolios will appear in your home screen and you can dive straight into work mode!

Starting your day with the portfolio view will take time to get used, but trust me elevating the use of the platform to the portfolio level will help you become more productive while ensuring the privacy (and sometimes untidy internal workload😂) remains private and you can share your project with your clients confidently.

Portfolios are available to all Business and Enterprise customers . You can read more about the feature directly from the guide here: