Synchronizing Status Updates between Internal, private projects/portfolios and external, client facing projects/portfolios

Hello everyone!

I’ve been cracking my head open with this for a few days and can’t figure out if it’s possible. A bit of background. We currently use another Project Manager and we have it setup where we have our own internal Board where our employees can go do discuss, get details, and overall track projects and their tasks. In that same manager, we also created a very limited external board for each of our clients. This serves as a mini dashboard for the Client of sorts. This is a place where, among other things, they can see their own instances of the projects that are currently being worked on for them as a line item. In this line item, there is a ‘Project Status’ field where we can keep them abreast of where in our internal process the project currently is, and this project status field is tied to a mirrored field that lives inside our private company board. Essentially, you update the status on one field, and it automatically updates the other, so we only ever have to do it once.

I would like to achieve this same result in Asana, however I can’t figure out how to do it, or if it’s even something possible within Asana. The closest I’ve gotten is creating a ‘Clients’ team and ‘employees’ as well as creating a Client Only Portfolio and a Employee Portfolio, then adding the task that was created in the Employee Portfolio to the Client Only Portfolio, while only giving the Client team permissions to view the Client Only Portfolio. However, this gives them access view ALL of the details in that project. Conversations, subtasks, due dates, assignees, etc, which we don’t want them to see.

Best I can gather, this could theoretically be achieved by creating a custom field in the Employee portfolio and adding that to the Client Only Portfolio. Alternately, this could also be achieved by giving a Client access to the entire task, but limiting their view permissions to only the Project Status custom field. Are either of these possible in Asana, or is there another way I’m not thinking of?

Further background:We’re using Portfolios as that seems to be the only way to create an all projects company wide view for our status meetings.

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide!

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Hi Cris, :wave:

This seems possible in Asana with the right configuration: tasks being multi-homed between projects, custom fields shared between projects, the right sharing configuration for projects (internal and external), combining projects and portfolio (not necessarily looking at portfolio as the only way to have an overview, some projects dedicated to create an overview can sometimes help too).

This is beyond what I can support on the forum, but with the keywords I gave you, you can take a look at the Asana guide, some Youtube channels (example).

Also, this typically the kind of system we implement for your clients during the service packages we deliver (as Asana Solutions Partner).

Good luck :rocket: