Client Access to Project Status

Is there a way to allow a client to view the status of a project? We want clients to be able to see the status and perhaps some updates and files, but not all of the internal discussions, etc. We’re on the free version of Asana right now so I wasn’t sure if there was a paid version that has these sort of features.

Business has Portfolio to show the status but only a user with access to the project would see it. Universal Reporting allows you to share data with someone even though they don’t have access but project statuses aren’t part of it. Maybe Asana2Go from @lpb would allow to build a custom report? But you would still need to send it manually.

Last trick: if you have Premium, you get project statuses. You could invite a special address (like as a member being only notified of status updates. And then you could create a forward from that address to the client’s address, that way you don’t give them access to Asana but they still get notified about the status updates… Makes sense?



@Bastien_Siebman’s tip is a good one for an automated solution to your request.

Asana2Go offers the following which uses the latest Asana project statuses, or a way for you to create any such custom output:




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