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Our team is using project’s Status Updates feature on a monthly basis to document progress on projects. We would like to “publish” these status updates to our internal customers (most of them are not Asana’s users) on a pdf format. However, when using the built-in pdf export feature, we are loosing some key information consigned in custom fields.

Is there an easy way to print out the information as it appears in status updates ? Any 3rd party integration that can do that ? We tried using Asana2Go, but without any success.

Any help would be welcome.


Note: We are using a premium account.

Hi @Louis-Alexandre_Dube,

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Anything against inviting them to the relevant project(s) with “comment only” rights? As they are not active Asana users, they’ll receive the update through email notifications so they won’t have to even login if they do not wish so.

You won’t have additional costs, email domains outside your organisation are seen as external and do not impact your licensed user count.



Welcome, @Louis-Alexandre_Dube,

@Rosario_Messina’s recommendation is a good one.

Re Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) can do this, and offers:

but the custom fields require you to make a custom report, as the materials indicate.



Thanks @Rosario_Messina. I must precise that these individuals are “internal” customers, so they use the same domain, would that still work ?

@lpb I will then have to dig further down in the features of Asana2Go since I could not find how to do this.

Thanks all for your replies!


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Hi Louis,

if it is the same domain, it will still work in terms of them receiving email updates, but they will count as paid users.


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