How to share leadership updates without too much extra work

I’m new to Asana but my team is slowly trying to start using it, but others we work with don’t, so any project I start in Asana will mostly be for my own tracking and organization… so I’ve been hesitant to get started.

Recently, my leader asked me to put a couple of slides together that he can reference and screen share when he chats with our VP every week to provide updates on my projects. So I thought I’d try to build this in Asana rather than creating a Google Slide I’ll have to maintain every week.

I think I figured out how to do this, but interested in hearing from anyone that has done something like this before.

What he’s asked for:

  • Portfolio summary
  • Group projects into categories
  • Identify risks/barriers for each project
  • Layout current focus, milestones, targets and what has been completed

My Asana plan

  • Create a single portfolio to group all projects
  • Add custom portfolio fields to group projects and list risks/barriers for each project
  • Create individual projects for each and use the status update to share focus, milestones, targets and completed work

Welcome, @Skynet1,

I think you have it exactly right: Portfolios, Portfolio Custom Fields, and Project Status.

For an alternate approach, consider Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) Projects Dashboard:

One benefit of Asana2Go Projects Dashboard: A client yesterday wanted Portfolio to show not just the first line or two of the latest status of each project but the status report in full for each. Portfolio can’t do that (without clicking one by one into every row’s status popup). As shown in the image above, the full status is shown (and can be collapsed for all projects with one click, and shown in the demo video).

Another key benefit: Those without Portfolios (without Business/Enterprise plans) can use the Asana2Go solution.