Share a Reporting 'dashboard' with an Asana Team

Hello all,

I was not able to find any info on this topic searching the forum so I wanted to ask; is the ability to share ‘dashboards’ made in the Reporting section with Asana Teams coming? Is it on a dev roadmap or radar at all?

Further context:
I am unable to use any of the 3rd party app suggestions I found like Screenful etc. due to the strict company policies of the org I’m working in. I’m making a lot of different ‘dashboards’ that visualize the info from the same source in different ways for the different teams that it affects.

I tried to share the reports with email groups but it did not provide visibility to the individuals. Being able to share these ‘dashboards’, and portfolios for that matter, with Asana Teams is as of right now the only way I see to move forward.

Each team I need to share with is 50 to 150 people and I haven’t found a way of bulk adding people that doesn’t part in the share dialogue. In short, sharing with Teams solves many problems I’m having with gaining adoption of the tool with my company.


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Hi @Michael_Mulick,

I’ve moved your post into a category that’s more public and also you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.

Re your mention of Portfolios, there’s already a request for that; please go there and vote for that one too:



Amazing, thank you kindly Larry for getting me into the right channel!

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I would love to see this too. It would be great if I could just make a Dashboard public to my whole company, just like with a project.