Sharing Portfolios with Team Members



It would be great if we could add team members to our portfolio, providing a more organic way to share project information across our team (from management down).

The current method of email a shareable link doesn’t work very well. Undoubtably I have to share the link every time I want someone to have a view of our portfolios/



Thanks for your feedback @Shawn_Stapleton; really appreciate it and will keep it in mind for future improvements!


Hi @Shawn_Stapleton - we workaround this by creating a “Reports” project, creating a Section called “Useful Reports:” in it, and then pasting the URL’s for the Portfolio view and other reports (“searches” in Asana’s nomenclature) we’ve created in the Description box. Hope this helps.


This would be really helpful for the software company I work for too. We have a portfolio we use to review all key initiatives being worked on by our Senior Leadership Team and the contributors are finding it annoying that they need to have visibility of all teams projects to be able to see the high-level updates on them in the portfolio.