Team Access to Portfolios

My org uses the portfolio feature to collect bi-weekly updates from project managers that will feed into our MBR. There is a single portfolio where each manager adds the projects on which they’re working. My team specifically has 7 projects, so you can imagine it’s far easier to add those 7 projects to our own portfolio, then update the status of and add our portfolio to the broader team’s.

Projects can be shared to individuals, your team, or your entire network. Portfolios can only be shared to individuals or publicly within your company. I would like to see a function that would allow us to share portfolios to our team so that they have access to status updates. Currently, I’m having to update each project individually and then collate the updates into a Portfolio update. This is a huge time-suck and would be fixed by allowing portfolios to be shared with teams, not just specific individuals or the whole company.

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