Search/Find Public portfolios

How to find portfolio that is “Public to teamname”??

It is not possible to see portfolios that you are not member of even when “Public to teamname”… However, you can find the portfolio by the URL and then it will stay visible in your portfolio list.

Ain’t there any way to see/find all portfolios accessible via your team??

No at the moment @Lasse_Olsen Portfolio can currently only be found if they were shared with you (via the URL) or if you were added to them in the first place. But this is certainly an interesting idea for future improvements. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other COmmunity Forum Members to vote for this feature to be implemented in the future! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with :slight_smile:


Yes! This is something that would be very helpful to us as well.
Team members need to be invited or search for the list of main portfolios in a repository somewhere in order to be able to find portfolios.
A number of portfolios have been created to give visibility to the entire company and manually adding almost the entire organization is painful


I totally agree with Melanie_Rohat-Meheus. You should be able to find all public/team portfolios. This would save people creating the same portfolios due to the lack of visibility. I understand this might not be a quick fix. I was also thinking could you add the ability to share with teams similar to how you can control permissions within projects?


When i search elements in the search bar, i want search result for portfolios.

This helps for faster access

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This would be a helpful feature to automatically allow Portfolios to be public to a whole team instead of having to individually invite people – this would help prevent duplicates that we’re seeing now.

Holy cow, what does “Public to Organization” even mean if the portfolios aren’t viewable publicly to the organization?


I’m very surprised to find a year old thread about this.
It certainly seems to be something that is overlooked?

If we create public portfolio’s it is so everyone can easily find them without inviting 100+ members every time?
And since there is a limit on how many portfolio’s that show up in “Recent”, where is one to find them?
The search function does display portfolio’s, if you know what you’re looking for.

If this is for any reason intended, what is Asana’s reasoning on how to easily share Portfolio’s with all team members? A google sheet…?


This is a really good question. @Marie, do you know where you can find all the Portfolios that were shared with you? Do you have to add them to your Favorites to find them again?

It would be ideal if Portfolios had the same settings as teams (public, private, hidden) so that people can actually find them.

Hi @Justine_D :wave:t3:

Technically any Portfolio shared with you can be found via the Search function, but that necessitate you remember at least one word from the title. So you’re right Justine, the best way to make sure you can easily find them is to bookmark them. Additionally I don’t believe there a limit on how many Portfolio you can bookmark so you can make sure to make all your Portfolio accessible. If you have a lot of them bookmarked, remember you can easily re-organise them using drag and drop.

PLEASE make Portfolios that are Public to the Org, public to the org. We just upgraded to get access to portfolios as a way to create some open places for our crew to observe work across the org and now this is kinda gunking up our whole idea. :disappointed_relieved:


Hi @Marie

This can not possibly be the desired solution for this.

It’s like forcing people to use the favorite function to find projects.
While good for projects you often visit, we want portfolio progress to be available for all.

I see no reason for the public/private function for Portfolio’s if they’re not open to find.
It baffles me that this is publicly released with this obvious short-coming.

And sure, searching and remembering one word of the Portfolio’s name when you can not filter the search for Portfolio’s is likely to give you a ton of results in a bigger organization.


Hi @anon6751614,

I agree this is something we need to improve, and I’ve no doubt it will be addressed in the future. I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update on this topic!

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The easiest solution to this would be to allow us “pin” portfolios in the portfolios tab that would be accessible for the whole company.

Another elements that would help here would be to create a customer search that displays relevant projects or portfolios. This would drastically improve the value of portfolios and the saved report function.

E.g. I could create a saved search that lists all portfolios I would like and call it something like “2021 Objectives”.

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Wow, this has been here for how long? I’m a project manager, and I’m not added to every portfolio yet. I need to be able to see all of the portfolios and be proactive about it instead of waiting for everyone I work with to add me. I’m flummoxed about what “Public” means for portfolios, then!


I could not even see Portfolios I owned myself. But if you want a bit of a workaround, you can use the advanced search → add filter → in portfolios, and type each character of the alphabet one at a time! :clown_face:


We use our Portfolios for navigation - like a folder/file system, to house projects and portfolios for different categories and staff. As such, it would be incredibly useful for us to be able to view the full list of all portfolios public to our Asana Team when we go to the ‘Portfolio’ page from the left hand nav menu.


Hi @Melanie_Matthews,

How did you create those additional sections in portfolios? Or is that just a mockup of functionality you want Asana to add?

Sorry, that’s just a mockup of what I’d like to see Asana do as currently the only sections available are Favorite and Recent, so unless you use the ‘Search’ bar and know what you’re looking for, you can’t actually find all Portfolios :expressionless: