Question regarding portfolios, I’ve been over the tutorial for portfolios for a bit and can’t yet find a definite answer to this.

Right now we create portfolios. If you go to the share menu on the top bar, it then says “This portfolio is public to the organization”.

However, no otheruser is able to see or add this existing portfolio to their portfolio screen view. I must manually “share” it. Are we doing something wrong? Why can’t my users see a portfolio that is supposedly already public to the organization, without me having to share it with them? Is it a glitch/bug that’s being fixed?

Portfolios have a great potential, but I’m encountering roadblocks such as the above for proper implementation.

Thank you,


Hi @Adrian_Aguayo and thanks for this great question!

I’m aware this is a little confusing, and I hope this is something we can clarify in the future! Technically speaking the URL of your Portfolio is public; this means that if you share this URL with anyone in your organization, they will be able to access your Portfolio. While you can add teammates to your Portfolio too, you’re completely right, it is currently not possible to search for Public Portfolio in your Organisation.

This is our first shot at Portfolio and we’re currently collecting feedback to help improve them in future updates.I f you haven’t yet, you might be interested in adding your vote to some of these threads from our #productfeedback

Hope this helps!

Is there any updates on this? We have a large list of team members and the only way they can see project updates or see all current projects is if we add them as members to each project. We obviously can do this but it’s very easy to miss someone (especially as people come in and out of the organization). Making public is a fine start but is there a better answer?

If needed I developed a small tool to add every members of the org on a project for example, and I could improve it to limit to one team http://minimalist-work.com/asana/everyone

Bumping this request - it would be great to have the ability to link Portfolios to Teams - for example, when I share a Portfolio, I can add an Asana team vs. individual collaborators. It would also be great to have the ability to add a Portfolio to a Team page altogether, similar to projects.

I really wish everyone who has access to a portfolio would automatically gain read access to projects in them. This would allow us to give clear status updates on groups of projects to folks, even if they aren’t a part of the project.