Portfolios should be like Projects for a Team

I love Portfolios, they are awesome to track the project progress.

After using them for a time my only feedback for Portfolios is that Portfolios should be treated like Projects on a Team where all the people in the Team can see or edit the Portfolio if they have permission on the Team or the Portfolio (same as Project permissions).

I think it’s more natural to treat Portfolios in Teams like we are used to with Projects. Use cases for this are:

  • A team want to have an overview of all they projects and progress on the same Team and not to add again the same people on the current Portfolio implementation.
  • A management team can create and share Portfolio for they clients, something like this:

I image a new option “add portfolio” under the “+” option of a Team. Whit this idea the menu will have this 3 options:

  • Invite People
  • Add Project
  • Add Portfolio

Thanks for this incredible product!! and I hope to contribute something with this idea :slight_smile:
Best regards!

I’m trying to make Asana work for me, to manage multiple projects within a portfolio. Projects might be strategic endeavours, programs, projects or more unrelated activities bundled in a project. However, at the moment I have to remember the latest progress and progress status.

A home page that not only lists all my projects, but also displays the latest progress and progress status would help me to reclaim oversight on all projects I’m associated with. Even better would be a list of progress items (perhaps the latest 3, including their respective progress status color).

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Welcome to the Forum @Ben_Fransen and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I believe your request is similar to the following one: Portfolios should be like Projects for a Team

Would you mind if I merge your post with it to consolidate ideas and votes? Thank you!

Hi Natalia, I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I mean, but I see some similarities. Please feel free to merge and I will await changes. Thanks, Ben

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