Portfolio Help

So my brain has gone to mush - but I know you won’t disappoint and will be able to answer these (basic) questions…

My team is made up of smaller sub teams who have their own “teams” on asana - as well as the main team.
each Sub-Team has their projects created in their asana team.

I want to create a portfolio where ALL projects across all subteams can be seen - can that work without adding everyone to each different subteam?

A member of a portfolio will only see the project they are allowed to see. If your Subteams are private, they won’t see the projects. Can you make them public?

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman i was having a silly moment.

Each team is private - and we cannot make public to the whole org unfortunately due to the nature of some of our projects.

I think my workaround is going to be to add the LT and project team who do reporting to all teams and then the portfolios will show everything for them - its a shame we cannot have subteams within a team and show the hierarchy or permissions inks etc for that if you know what I am trying to say… could defo be a build for the platform!