Visibility of projects for all team members

Hi! We have our Marketing team organized in smaller “sub-teams” (graphics team (3 members), trade show team (4 members) etc., and a general “overall team”, which includes all members (around 17 colleagues. This is also where unspecified tasks go)). This was supposed to help the sub-teams to keep a better overview of their own projects and tasks. This is my view in the side bar (I’m the admin):

Now my team members tell me they would like to have a better overarching view (for example, when a graphic designer gets a task for a trade show).

I see two options here:

Should I tell them to just jump to the main task or project
Or would it make sense to just put the whole team as members to all sub-teams

I hope the problem comes across, basically I’, looking for a way for my team members to have better overview and access to all sub-teams and projects.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Do you have Business/Advanced? if yes, use portfolios. That’s way easier than navigating with the sidenav.

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I think there are two problems:

  • Tasks: Use multi-homing (ideally with rules if you have access to them to automate) and one or more new projects, perhaps with multiple sorts, to get views of tasks across functions, and
  • Teams/Projects: Keep the structure you have. Make sub-teams Public; anyone can see projects in them shared with the team w/o making others team members of these teams. (Portfolios could help with this, but not the bullet above.)



Thanks a lot! I want to make all sub-teams public, but the option isn’t there, only those:

Membership by request - A member has to request to join this team

Private - A member must be invited to join this team

We have a business account.

@Falk_Niewand, I believe that’s because you are a Division, not an Organization. Divisions have those two options only; Organizations have all three.