Managing multiple projects and clients as a freelancer


Hi all,

I’m using Asana to manage multiple projects and clients as a freelancer.

Each project is set up as a team and I invite my clients to the team.

My question is are team members visible to other teams? Ie. Can my clients see each other? Obviously this isn’t desirable from a privacy point of view. How would I set them to be invisible from each other?

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I am 90% sure that members of teams can only see projects within those teams a no other.

@Cathya or @Edda are you able to confirm…



In this case I am a big fan of “let’s see for myself”. Invite yourself using another email address (or a friend) and check it out to be sure :slight_smile:


Hi @Ken_Liu and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

As long as your clients only belong to their respective Teams, they shouldn’t be able to see/find each other! Check out this post for more details!


Hi Marie,