Some Members of my Asana Team Cannot View Sub-Folders and Sub-Tasks within a Shared Folder


In Asana, we have a portfolio that is dedicated to a specific group of Marketing members from both our organization and an external organization we collaborate with. Work in this portfolio should only be shared with a specific group of people, so we created a “Marketing Team” and set permissions to share the portfolio with this team only. We have recently had a couple team members report issues accessing projects and the tasks underneath them within this portfolio, but others of us can access it fine. To try to solve this issue we are wondering:

  • Are there any specific user settings that need to be adjusted when working in teams to ensure that we can all access portfolio information appropriately?

  • Are there any reasons or settings that would cause tasks in this shared portfolio to not be shared with all team members?

  • Do you have any other suggestions as to why certain team members may be experiencing these access issues and/or recommended solutions to solve them?

Please let me know. Thank you!

Welcome, @Kylie_Becker,

A portfolio can be public to your org or private to the members list you specify in the portfolio (which can’t be a team, so I’m not sure about your mention of the Marketing Team in this context).

A project offers several privacy options and has a members list too that, depending on the privacy, may grant access. Also, each member can have a different level of access, e.g., Editor, Viewer, etc.

Tasks and subtasks are viewable by those who can view the project they’re in.

Teams are groups of people and projects may be placed in teams, so they come into play (but not so much with portfolios).

So, each question you ask has a different answer.

I recommend finding help pages on portfolios, project, permissions, etc. in to understand the underlying model that determines who can see what.




(Chiming in as an associate of Kylie’s) So in that case, the issue we’re having is this: why is it that everyone who has been added as a member to a portfolio doesn’t automatically have access to all the projects within the portfolio?


This is a choice you have when you add a member to a portfolio:

It’s not done automatically in order to leave it up to the user depending on their needs, and perhaps to make the default to keep information more secure.



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