Portfolios – Give visibility to projects even if not in them

We’d like to grant high level visibility to firm management, department members, etc via portfolios without adding everyone to each project.

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Hi @choyweston, thanks for reaching out! You can achieve this by settings the projects as public. If the projects are public everyone will be able to see them in Portfolio, even if they are not project members! You can find more information here: Project permissions | Product guide • Asana

No, that only works if everyone in the company is on the same team and all the projects are in that team. We have several departments that have their own team — having everyone in the same team would be unmanageable. Imagine the notifications you would get across 30 concurrent projects you’re not really a part of. I just want to give visibility on project updates.

When you add a member in a project, you can set the notification settings to have them just receive status update, and not Messages or Tasks Created notifications.

Remember that being part of a project does not notify you of anything happening within the tasks.

You might be interested to check my tool Asana Everyone to save time adding members.

Sure, but imagine adding 10 people to 30 projects every quarter. That gets very onerous. I did check out your tool – it’s not ideal from a privacy and usability perspective. I would rather be able to that straight from Asana. The way I see it, there are 2 ways to solve this:

1 - Have projects be able to be in multiple teams
2 - Cascading permissions from he portfolio (i.e if you have access to a portfolio, you have access to the projects within it).

Of course, I understand.