Portfolio does not show project when you are not assigned to the project

I have created a portfolio that should give our executives an overview of all the projects within our multi national. During the testing only the projects to which you have access are visible.
When I read the Asana training material, I see that by adding a person to a portfolio, they also become " project status follower " but this does not seem to be the case.

As soon as I share the project with the exec, he/she sees that project in the portfolio.

With the number of companies in our multi national and the expected growt of project managers using Asana, it is not an option to assign access project by project.

We use Microsoft Edge

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Ronny_Lion, thanks for reaching out.

To clarify, you would like to add a user to a Portfolio have them automatically become a member of all projects in that Portfolio, is this correct?

If so, I’m afraid this isn’t possible. The user will be notified of project status updates within the Portfolio, but they will not be added to the project itself, this must be done manually.

I hope this clarifies!

Hi Rebecca,

They do not have to become member of the projects

They do not see all the projects in the portfolio, they only see projects they are a member of.
e.g. I see all 5 projects, my colleague only sees 3 projects

Thanks for following up, @Ronny_Lion. Are the projects that they are not seeing private or public projects?

If they are private projects, they will be see them unless they are a member of those projects.

Rebecca, we tend to use private projects.

When we would use “public projects” then the team would only be the staff of that company.

I am looking for that execs from company A can see all the project status (portfolio view) of projects from company A, cy B and cy C. There is no need that they can see the project details. That is what I understood from the text in the training material on portfolio : by adding a person to a portfolio, the also become “project status follower” for all the projects in the portfolio.

If this is not the case, they I have start thinking on reorganizing the teams

Thanks for your guidance. This will really help with launching our PMO approach

Hi, I too would like to see a fix for this. I would like our executives to be able to look at a portfolio and see the title of all projects, including private, and the status update for all projects, including private, but not have member access to the private projects. Project owners would be able to identify which of their projects should be included for status updates in a Portfolio, thus allowing portfolio members to see the title and status update, but not allowing portfolio members to click through to access the rest of the details on the project. Some projects are confidential, but the leadership team should be aware that they are happening. By allowing project owners to opt their confidential project into the Portfolio, they have the power to decide if/when people should have some awareness of their project, but without people being able to fish around in the project. Thanks.


@Beth_Hayden 100 % agree. This is exactly our need as well

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+1 on this. For me, that public projects are also not visible in the public portfolio. We are using divisional plan for Asana.

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