Help needed about access to projects under portfolio


My company is going to implementing Asana in our operation, and we are now trying to figure out a structure that suits out need.

Could anyone help me with below questions?

  1. Can user access individual project under a portfolio without being a project member to that project? The use case we’d like to set up portfolio for projects handled by different departments to create a holistic view for the management, but if managers need to have closer look on project level for detailed activity status can they just access the project from the portfolio without being invited by the project owner as a project member?

  2. Is there any way to add fields to project not directly in the project template but some elsewhere f.ex on the ‘overview’ page? But those fields will still be accumulated to the upper level portfolio where the project being added to. The reason to do so is we’d like to keep the project template clean, as our project are usually very extensive containing 30-50 tasks under it, therefore if we add many customized fields in the project template it will be very messy to work with.

I hope my description is clear enough, and look forward to comments and tips shortly!

Hi @Bei_Ding

  1. When you invite a member to a portfolio you can click ‘add to all projects in this portfolio’ - if you tick this they will be added to all projects, if you do not they will only see the projects they have access too.

  2. No, custom fields are either against tasks in the project level or against projects in a portfolio level. You can however hide ones to clear it up!

Hi Danielle,

Tks for your prompt answers!

Another quetion Danielle, maybe you also have answer to it :slight_smile:

In our org, we need portfolio incl. projects from different teams, does the project need to have exactly same template or can they be based on different template? I am not sure if projects with different templates can populate with correct data in one single portfolio. Any ideas or solutions to share?

Hi @Bei_Ding any project can live in any or even multiple portfolios they do not have to be the same style or template

Tks, good to know!

But projects live in the same portfolio need to be same style or template right?


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