How did you set up your portfolios?

Hi all!

We are currently implementing portfolios within our Asana environment and ran into the following issue: We would like to set up portfolios that provide certain people with a high-level overview of the project status. However, we don’t want to actually give them access to said projects. Do you know of a way to implement this or will we have to either give everyone access or use something else for reporting (maybe dashboards?)?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Tom_Suberg1 unfortunately if you want them to see the project progress they have to be a part of the project. You could just give them comment only access.

The reporting graphs in the dashboard and status updates are exportable though so you could just export but it would be manual.

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Hey @Danielle-GenD, thank you for the reply. I guess we will have to work with one of the workarounds. I had hoped that there was some sort of trick to make this happen.

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Hey @Tom_Suberg1 you could look at creating a project with each of the ‘projects’ as sections, multihoming all the milestones in there and doing a public sharing link of the timeline

@Danielle-GenD that is a good idea. If we really wanted to go into the last details, we could even track milestones and tasks in separate projects. I don’t think that that is a good idea, but your suggestion should be a good middle way. Thank you for that, I have new solutions to try out now!

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