Portfolios : Visibility to Executive teams

Hi Asana Community ,

I am currently working on implementing Portfolios within my teams and we come across a surprising limitation which I wanted to share, linked to the Senior Exec’s visibility on our portfolios.

I noticed that the people you add as members of a given portfolio will only see the projects on the portfolio list which they have access to. So if I add a Senior Exec to the Portfolio he/she will ultimately not see the portfolio unless we give him/her access to all the projects.

I understand the need to secure confidentiality, but I would have expected the project to be visible on the portfolio only (which has by concept a limited view, status, overdue tasks, etc…) and then the access rights would be necessary when clicking on each project individually, so access would be denied if not part of individual project members list.

Especially thinking about Senior Exec’s they do not want/need the detailed projects, they just want to follow the overall portfolio and its status as multiple teams will be working at a given moment on several projects at a time.

It a shame to not be able to manage this because as we move up the Pyramid of Clarity towards Portfolios/Goals, etc we target each time a more narrow + senior audience from the organization around us. And this audience which is more on leadership, supervisory and oversight and less in the detailed view from the bottom of the pyramid (individual projects, tasks, subtasks, …).

Especially interested to know if anyone following me on this need/limitation and how you have managed to onboard senior executives on Portfolios with this important limitation.

Thanks in advance
Mauro P.

We have the same issue described by Mauro. It would be great to have projects within a portfolio visible to someone as soon as you add them to the portfolio vs. having to also add them to each project.

It would be nice for the default to be comment only and not edit though to maintain some security / integrity of the underlying projects.


Agreed! We were surprised to see this limitation. One of the primary reasons we moved to Asana was to provide top-level visibility to our managers and execs. Having to individually manage each project is not a sustainable way to manage this.

I am just introducing Asana to our company in order to have a view on all the projects within our multi-national.

The execs do not need access to the project details, but they need to see the status of each project on the exec portfolio I created.

When I read the Asana training material, I see that by adding a person to a portfolio, they also become " project status follower" but this does not seem to be the case.

A work arround would be that the persons belonging to the PMO give access to the projects in the portfolio, but this becomes a massive tasks trying to keep up with the different projects.

In a next phase we would like to give the IT managers access to the same portfolio.