Admin having visibility of all projects and portfolios

As a super-admin I’d expect to have visibility of all our projects and portfolios on Asana but this isn’t the case. Is this something Asana will consider as part of the product upgrade?


Admins need the ability to see all projects related to each Team. This is critical in the situation where someone is reorganizing Teams and needs to confirm they have all projects migrated before deleting the Team. Also, critical when a private Team membership is no longer with the org and other members need to access the project.


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I agree. As a super admin, it’s frustrating that I do not have better visibility to the projects in our environment.


Dear All,

I’m a super admin in Asana (with a few others) and it seems to be that we cannot see all projects.
When we go to a teams page, where you can see the projects. It does not show all projects.

Any reason for this and that are the actions to see that project? Basically as a super admin I want to have a list of al projects.


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Another interesting thread for you might be this:

@Andrea_Mayer Are you saying that it is currently not the case that a Super Admin can see all projects?

If so, what is the current way to see all projects?


Agree with all. Super Admins need to have the enhanced functionality mentioned above. Why has this issue not been addressed if it was brought up almost a year ago?

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I have created a support ticket, because this is unacceptable for such an application and the fee we pay.

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This is crucial and needs to happen fast. Made more urgent by the fact that some new tiers limit the number of portfolios, but as a super admin and/or billing owner can’t see who is actually using the portfolio function and can’t limit who get’s to create them. This is a very bad experience as an Asana customer. We are paying for a feature but given no control of how to get the most out of that feature.

Soo confused why super admin doesn’t show all members and all projects. That is literally the opposite of what Super Admin means. Needs urgent fix as now multiple staff who have created teams/projects who should be super admins cannot actually control or see the other projects!

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Chiming in here, we are in the same issue that as a Super Admin I cannot see all divisions and projects and teams.

We cannot stick with a tool like this if we can’t manage all the data for our various SOC 2 and GPDR compliance issues.

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@Ted_Serbinski please use the voting button at the top of the post to help bump this up the priority list in Asana development … I can’t believe I started this over 1 year ago and still super admins don’t have full oversight of projects etc