Possibility to share projects between teams


In our organisation we have many teams and many projects. There is hardly any project that’s only centralized to one department. Although you can share tasks it’s very difficult to get the overview unless you can have the ability to share a big project between teams.

We also have our daily operations going through our organisation from product design to delivery and finance. A lot of handovers between departments. Our core process which we would like everyone to see.

Our workaround is to:
-Let everyone be apart of each other teams both for transparency but also for making sure you can see a project overview.

-Sharing tasks - but then you have to put it somewhere in your team, which means it will get harder to find what you are looking for.

-Placing some projects in a HQ team where everyone is a part of. However responsibility that’s not very good. Not as clear what team has the final responsibility for the whole project.

It would be very good if you could share a project between teams and secondary to make it more easier to find what you are looking for in the navigation bar overall. Not sure how though. Today it’s a lot of scrolling…


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I like the idea of multihoming a Project in multiple Teams, but I see two issues.

  • How do you handle a Project multihomed in Teams with different privacy settings (membership by request, hidden, public to organization)?
  • This would add even more items to the navigation bar, which you mentioned is already too cluttered for you liking.

Also, as far as finding Projects in the navigation bar more easily and without the scrolling. I make heavy use of the add Projects to favorites feature. This way the Projects I look at the most are always at the top of the navigation bar.


Thanks for the response.
In our company we keep total transparency so it wouldn’t be a problem for us. However I can see that it might not work perfekt how the system i set up today. It would be a very strong feature for us to be able to share projects across teams.

I also use favorites for projects. Currently I have 158 projects to keep track on. So favourites doesn’t really help. I have started creating a reference project with links instead but I still feel it could be made easier somehow.


I agree, @Finn_Stenberg.

The main problem for us is that we have several teams using Asana but ours has the only premium subscription. This means we can’t invite any one from other teams to access our projects, because they automatically count as part of our subscription (limited access users). That’s pretty much killed collaboration across teams for us.

It would be nice if there was an option to invite members from other teams, where they only have the option to comment or tick a task as complete, and they didn’t count towards the premium team’s seats.


We use teams to indicate project ownership. Then we add project members from other departments that have tasks within that project. This way, responsibility is really clear, but there is still transparency. Project ownership are responsible for project follow-through as the process moves through different departments.

What I would like to see is at least an option to make projects “public” to the whole organization. As it currently is, there is no way to let other departments know what or how many projects a team is currently working on without being a member of every team. We had hoped Asana would be our organization’s “project manager”, since we don’t have that role in the organization (< 30) and since Asana markets itself as a project management tool. However, without the ability to know what projects are being worked on by other teams, we can’t know all of the projects that are currently happening within the organization and therefore, can’t do project management collaboratively through Asana.