Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management

One of the downside of the Asana structure is that an individual can’t aggregate their Inbox across workspaces. Other threads have asked the same question…

The suggestion here is that a user/project manager can share the project across to other Workspaces or Organisations. In the a similar way that you can Add a Task to Multiple Projects.

In doing this a user can have access to all projects that they are meant to work on from a single Workspace with security around the project visibility and task visibility determine who in the actual workspace can see or work on the project or tasks.

This could potentially allow a project sit across multiple workspaces and even between an organisation and one or more workspaces, enabling a user to work solely in the one space.

Interested to see if this suggestion could assist other users…


I definitely agree that is a great idea! As a consultant, it would help me a lot.


I agree 100%. Working with other agencies/clients in Asana without this feature is virtually impossible. This is a GREAT IDEA.

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Great idea! Would be phenomenal to have this feature!

I wish I could assign all my votes to this. This is one of the only shortcomings of Asana in our workflows: client has an Asana project and we have an Asana project… for the same project. What I’d really like to do is share teams across organizations/workspaces.

I envision this as a bit like Slack’s shared channels:

  1. You create a project, and add the team members from your org
  2. You send an invite to share the team with the client/partner
  3. The client/partner accepts the invite, and can add their team members
  4. Either org can add projects, and manage visibility within their org, understanding that potentially anyone within the other org could access the team/project, depending on their settings

Yes! This feature would be really great. Current situation presents a challenge – we want to encourage our clients to use great tools like Asana, but we’re better off if they are not using Asana, so we can just make a Team for them in our Workspace, vs jumping between Workspaces and trying to manage tasks across that wall, which is precisely what we want to avoid in mutually adopting Asana.

Recently, I’ve come across a strange situation where two separate organizations have Asana Business Accounts and work together using Asana. They each want to have the project under their Asana account as it is easier to keep track of their tasks and they do not need to switch over to the other organization’s account to access the project.

After attending a few Asana workshops and speaking to the Asana team they encouraged me to write into the forum suggesting this idea: A collaboration feature that allows a project to be shared by multiple organizations, showing up in their respective Asana account regardless of who owns the project, streamlining communication and advancing the use of Asana as a collaborative workplace tool.


Upvoting this!


Same here!

Hi @Sadie_Kadlec and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for sharing your thought with us in the Forum! We already have a #productfeedback thread on this topic (Share Projects Across Workspaces for Work Management), so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread to gather all feedback and votes in one place! Hopefully this will help our Product Team to prioritise this request! On my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:

As I try to get everyone on Asana I am finding the housekeeping a bit much and would like the ability for tasks to be shared between companies as they are between projects internally.

I am thinking keeping with the current workflow and with the Add to Project, I can also select a project from another company. Now updates on either end will show up on both ends just like adding to a new project internally.

Reason: I work with an outside company that also has Asana. Currently I create tasks on our end to track internally and also on their end for them to track their effort. I want better management so I can create the task once on our end and share on theirs.

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We are working with a supplier that also uses asana. We have an implementation project that will continue for at least a year. Up until now we have invited them to our project in our organisation but they want to have the project or at least the tasks also in their own asana organisation aswell.

How could we do it?

This would be amazing! It’s needed more and more everyday

Yes, please… Voting Up! It would be life changing!

Yes- voting up. As a freelancer for small online businesses, my clients generally get their own subscriptions. I also have an account. That means my work is scattered across multiple organizations. I would love a cross-organization project capability.

We really have a need for this, and we would like to do it from a workspace and an organization, a premium subscription workspace and a free version organization, working on the same project. Right now, we have to split it into 2 projects or duplicate the same project in both areas. We need the 2 to be able to work on the same project together. I too would like to give this all my votes, with subtask improvement as my second choice.