Moving Projects Between Workspaces/Organizations


I’m new to Asana and I’ve just realized that the Company Workspace seems to offer more features than my Personal Workspace. I really like how you can drag and drop the projects to reorder them in the Company Workspace.

If I only plan to use Asana for my personal use, is it possible to transfer my projects from my Personal Workspace over to my Company Workspace?

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yep. On the project, click the down arrow beside the name and click “Move to another team”

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He means between workspaces/organizations. The answer, @Hasani_Thomas, is not natively in Asana - at least not when I asked early last year.

However I believe there are third-party programs that can do this, I can’t remember the name off the top of my head though.


For some reason I’m not seeing that “Move to another team” option when I click on that down arrow for my projects in either of my workspaces (Company or Personal) Cindy.

I don’t really understand why.

But I went ahead and manually copied and pasted all of my tasks over.
Thank you for your assistance though.


Thank you Caisha. Yeah I don’t think they’ve made workspace task transfers possible yet.


You’re welcome! I’ll try to dig up the name of the third party tool (it was recommended by Asana support ages ago - they don’t support it, but I never had any problems with it.


Found it referenced randomly in another thread -

I used this when we were moving between organizations and had very little problems in the transfer =)


Thank you @Caisha! This might come in handy down the road! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I was looking for this feature as well! I hope that Asana will make this possible in the future.


This workaround works brilliantly! Thanks!


This utility works very well to transfer between organizations/workspaces, but note that it only moves projects. I had all my personal tasks in My Tasks inside the Personal Projects workspace, and I wanted to move them to a new personal workspace. I had to put all the tasks in a project first, and then move the project to the new workspace.


Works Great ! Thanks.


I’ve tried using the link above and works for projects that are in the list format but not for boards. Has anyone else experienced that or found a workaround?


The tool has been created long time before the existence of Boards in Asana, I guess the tool needs to be updated.
Has anyone communicated this to the programmer of the tool?
I have not found another tool so far.



Thanks for the help, guys!


You can also highlight all tasks in a project, right-click and copy.
Then switch to the new workspace and open a project.
Click into the task field and right-click Paste.
This will copy over all tasks.

If you copy completed tasks, these will become active tasks when you paste.


It would be good to have the option to move projects to another workspace, hope it will become available soon.


@PC1 I encourage you to vote on this request in the product feedback category here: Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces


The tool has been updated and can now process board-style projects as well. Works perfectly!


That is AWESOME news! Thanks for the update.