Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

I am part of multiple workspaces. Is there a way that I can see all of the tasks assigned to me in one place, even if they are related to projects in multiple workspaces?


I don’t believe that is available, but Asana people may contradict me on this. Their use to be an IOS app that did this, but they went out of business. That is the only thing I liked about it over Asana IOS, the only thing!. I think it would be possible to create something like this with the API, but that means programming.


+1 to James’s comment. We are unable to view tasks across workspaces in the app as-is, but you could explore your API options at Asana Developers - API, Documentation & Community Support • Asana


@Brandi_Olson There’s also this integration that you might find useful:


It would be nice to be able to do this, indeed.


Kevin, have you or someone you know used this integration? Curious about how seamless it is. Thanks!

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This is a feature we would find very useful as well!


I would love to see this feature!


I’ve been requesting this feature from Asana since the start! Pleeeeeeeease, Asana. This kind of burns your biggest fans - I’ve talked other orgs in to using it, and I work with them on projects, but I’m now using Asana poorly because I’m across multiple workspaces. (My business is a paying/premium customer.)


I have Taco and doesn’t seem to be good enough for large volume of data. There are lot of issues


+1 from me. I’d love to see it all on one page…


Hi @Alexis, are there any plans to add this super important feature to Asana? :slight_smile:


+1 - I have a lot of workspaces that I’m a part of that I’d like to be able to prioritize my time across.


Hi Paula - We’re unable to provide updates on feature requests at this time. For more information how we engage with product feedback here in the Community, please take a look at this post:

I can vouch for this feature request. Asana, make it happen!!


For an Asana newcomer, this is a HUGE bummer!

I had plans to transition my personal life organization from Wunderlist to an Asana workspace so I could use Asana to manage projects/tasks in my Organization AND my life all in one place. I was even considering recommending a more broad adoption of the software in my company (~400 ee’s, entirely team project driven), but the lack of a global task view across your workspaces/organizations is essentially a deal breaker.

The workspace/organization segmentation with no global task view makes it seem Asana conceptually believes one individual’s tasks from different contexts will never be interrelated or need to commingle; however, who ever truly works in one figurative “workspace” at a time? You have to call the doctor/vendor/bank/etc. while at work, sometimes you want to research something for a work project at home over the weekend, etc. Seeing all the projects in your personal universe across workspaces and organizations with a simple tag identifying it’s workspace/organization would be HUGE.

This seems like a major shortcoming and prevents me from recommending and adopting permanently. If I have to switch workspaces/organization to see personal tasks lists (or task lists for an nonprofit I’m on, or a PTA I’m on, etc.), then it’s really no different then managing my “work” projects and tasks on Asana and sticking with Wunderlist (or another task/project app) for personal. It was SO CLOSE to being the project/task manager I was looking for! Can’t imagine its a security concern or a complex coding delay. Conceptual/philosophical difference? Monetization?

I would be an Asana believer and champion with this feature and imagine it’s a common request!


@SparkleSudz I have a couple comments on this.

  1. I assume you know that you can create a hyperlink to another organization and have it on your main organization page. In essence you can have a navigation page on each of your organizations that takes you back to the organizations that you are in. I have attached an example

    What I really like about this method is you can make it a Favorite on each Workspace/Organization and navigation is rapid and doesn’t open additional Asana windows. Additionally Favorite Reports have their own URL that can be part of this concept I believe thus, you could see your tasks.

  2. Asana’s free 15 plan encourages a lot of not for profits etc to use Asana in the first place and the mere ability to be a premium member but be a guest or member of another organization in some ways is being generated by this generous policy.

  3. I do agree that your suggestion would be a great enhancement to see everything at once and I have yet to see an integration that handles this well as UI are pathetic. But with the hyperlink control page on every organization it is not a make or break for me. But I also understand fully that everyone has their own make or break features list.

  4. I am accumulating a list of Asana API developers on Upworks with small projects so I can recommend when somebody wants something. There are some pretty good developers that charge $15-$35 per hour. I actually developed CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community - #33 by James_Carl using an Upworks programmer using an Upworks programmer and donated it to the community. I think between the original and now the version that tracks time it cost me less than $200 and there is a ton of logic in it due to the constraints of the Asana CSV file.

  5. I think if users have a special request and they want to really get something done quickly groups should band together. I know for a fact lots of things can be done with the API because I own (albeit this was not done be Upworks but a Microsoft MVP and I have thousands of dollars into its development, (but it is well worth it :).

Just some thoughts


@James_Carl thanks for your reply and thanks for the tip! I think I’m following you in #1, but I’m struggling a bit understanding how this would bridge the gap to a global “My Tasks” lists. If i’m understanding it correctly, this would make it easier to navigate back and forth between workspaces/organizations but doesn’t necessarily do anything to present tasks from multiple workspaces/organizations in one place. Am I understanding it right?

I totally agree the free 15 plan is very generous and I hope Asana is capitalizing from premium memberships enough to reward the great work they do.

Absolutely my make or break feature isn’t everyone’s, I get that! Also, I’m still new to the app, so maybe I’m wishing for Asana to be something it doesn’t aim to be. This just seems like it could be a game changing feature. For me, it would make Asana a tool I can’t live without (and I think a lot of GTD type minded people using Asana would say the same).

Great point (and good work) on influencing improvement/features through API and Upwork. Unfortunately, I don’t possess the skills/know how to even coordinate an effort like that! Would be great if free-mium applications had a “requested features” page where you could “vote” with donations. If a feature (assuming it’s not crazy/impossible) hits some pre-determined goal, it get’s prioritized in development. Surely some hurdles to that approach I’m not thinking of, but just an idea. I’d prefer a core feature to an integration obviously, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess!


@SparkleSudz, You are correct the solution does not present a global My Tasks lists in one place, just accelerates navigation. What I would do is the following:

  1. Make a Saved Favorite Report in each organization with designation of you as Assigned To.

    . You can add anything else to refine what you want to see and of course you can sort it in numerous ways. Some people (not all) use this instead of My Tasks.

  2. You can use Tags or Custom Fields (Premium) to replicate the same categories in My Tasks although My Tasks is intended to replicate GTD.

  3. Save the URL of the Save Favorite in your Project as I showed of above to be your Command and Control Center for your own Assignments.

It is not what you are asking for but maybe it would be helpful.



@James_Carl very helpful. Thanks! I’ll be keeping an eye on your Asana/Upwork activity…and I’ll be crossing my fingers for a global task view for GTD domination!

Thanks again for engaging. Glad I joined the community

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